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About Us

Welcome to Vee’s Crystals & Collectibles where approximately 85% of the selections we offer are Crystals. Hi. My name is Vivienne, but you can call me Ms. V.  For your convenience, a variety of collectibles, including, China is also available.  Each item has been researched, expertly cleaned, polished, and affordably priced.  Most are vintage and extremely well kept. Because we take pride in our inventory, we have a Crystal Grading System, CGS, offering nothing below a “CGS” of “B.”

“A” represents items in perfect or near-perfect condition.

“B” has minor flaws that are not visible unless closely examined. And sometimes the buyer still won’t notice.   Grades are noted in the description.

To show our appreciation, for every transaction of $50.00, excluding shipping and taxes, visit our “Free Gift” page and choose one item. Spend $100.00, receive two, and so on! The gifts are a mixture of glass and/or crystals.  All are in very good to excellent condition.

Whether utilized or for display purposes, crystals and glassware are perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, just because, and so much more.  Don’t hesitate to send my link to friends, family, or significant others. Owning a piece of crystal is “Glass with Class!” At these prices, you can further beautify your surroundings!

If you really want to impress someone, remember this. Cards are nice. Flowers and edibles are too. But crystals are classy and always look new. Most importantly, as receivers admire them, their next thought will be of you!


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