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About Us


I want to welcome one and all to my website. My name is Vivienne but most of
my friends call me Ms. Vee. About 85% of what we sell is crystal. However, we
do have an array of China and vintage collectible items. Because we take pride
in everything we sell, we have developed a crystal grading system. A represents
an item that is in perfect or near perfect condition with B – having some minor
flaws. We will not sell anything below that grade.

We have done our best to research the price of each item in order to offer you a
very competitive price. Most of our items are vintage and extremely well kept.
When selecting an item to purchase, please make sure you indicate the item
number. And, to show our appreciation to our customers, for every $50.00 you
spend during one transaction, excluding shipping and taxes, you are allowed to
choose one item from our give away section. Some are glass and some are
crystal but all are in good condition.

If you really want to impress someone with a gift, remember this. Cards last a
day, flowers last a couple of days and edibles about a week. But a crystal? A
crystal is for keeps. It has class, will last forever and every time it’s looked upon,
they can’t help but think of you. Also, crystal is the perfect gift as a wedding
present. Whether you use it or put it on display, everyone will notice. And ladies,
don’t be afraid to drop a note with my website address to your significant other.
Owning a piece of crystal is glass with class!!!

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